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  • I am a retired engineer – my wife says I am a sceptic and I still cannot fault your product!
  • In my opinion, it is the best stoma guard product on the market.
  • I'm so pleased with the product it's really made a big difference to my life and confidence, I wish I bought it years ago.
  • Thank you very much. I feel so much safer with it on.

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Brendan Magee - inventor of the Stoma Protector

Dear Fellow Ostomates,

When I first came up with the concept for STOMA PROTECTOR I simply wanted a device that would allow me to wear my normal clothes when I returned to work. The idea of wearing high-waisted baggy trousers, or wearing old fashioned braces (as was suggested to me) or wearing elasticized trousers, would mean my life had visibly changed. Having to deal with a bag of shhh (you know what) hanging off me was bad enough, but having also to change my life style was just too much!I was not prepared to stop wearing smart cut suits, jeans, slim fitting shirts, etc.

So, STOMA PROTECTOR was created; and as well as achieving its intended purpose the lengthy design process threw up several unexpected advantages. There are many of these (as you will see on the website) but the best of them was; after wearing the device for a period of time during the day I noticed the bag was really stuck to my skin. The constant pressure on the adhesive flange had created a much better seal onto my abdomen. Prior to wearing STOMA PROTECTOR; because of the constant fear of leaks, I was changing my bag nearly every day to ensure it had a good seal. I now change my bag only every 5/6 days. The confidence it has given me is fantastic, while commuting to work, socializing with friends, playing golf or any other leisure activity, I don’t worry about leaks any more. I have not had a single leak since I started wearing it regularly.

However, I also wanted to wear casual clothes, but the STOMAPROTECTOR always protruded a little too much when I was wearing t-suit bottoms or elasticized shorts, etc. and I was very conscious of this. So, when a female customer asked me could I make a cover without the elevated section, so she could wear it under dresses, tops, etc., it was a ‘eureka’ moment! This “keyhole” plate is now part of the device and when protection of the stoma is not a priority but protection from leaks and pancaking/pattycaking is, the keyhole plate can be worn instead of the cover.

It will take a little while to get used to wearing STOMA PROTECTOR and to experience all of its benefits, so I am offering a full-use, 45-day, money back guarantee for you to try it out.

Please make full use of the 45-day guarantee and try it out in all situations where you feel it might help you, and if you are not satisfied return it and receive a full refund.

Thank you,
Brendan Magee.

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